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As most servers enabling the visualization of requested URL, so our server maintains a history of all accesses requested to our website.
The technologies implemented in web pages can be used on this website to improve the service already automatically provided by the server.

These non confidential data have a great importance for our developers to keep the website in optimal conditions from the technical point of view as well as from the likewise important marketing point of view and audience satisfaction.

Here below we list your data recorded by our server:-
Remote Host/IP address: ...
User Remoto: ...
Date and Time: ...
Request (URL): ...
Status Code: ...
Bytes Served: ...

3rd Party Advertising
Phonosync could offers its website to some of our advertisers for their advertising activities. We carefully select these advertisers and they are managed through third parties who, thanks to their technology, control their transactions and monitor the possible customers generated by our website.

This will imply the unavoidable generation of Cookies.
"Small Files Contained in a Character String"
on your Hard Disk, by these third companies. All the web world marketing system depends on these tracks
that consent its present existence.
You can in any moment remove or block these Cookies produced through
your browser, by accessing the Cookies Management session.

Privacy management, Cookie management and other restrictions
are present in all major Internet Browsers.
It will be possible to show any compromising of the URL visualization
caused by restrictions applied in the Browser.

Web Beacons

Used in combination with cookies, and also known by the names of :-
Web Bug, Clear Gif, 1x1Pixel Gif, Tracking Bug/Pixel...and have the same color
of the background.

Inserted within the html code of a website, or sent through mail, these are used to monitor whether a website or banner ad is visualized by the user.
Just as the images contained in a mail and “usually blocked by the mail client”
so they contain html tags connecting to an external URL, that, if activated for their visualization by the receiving user, will transmit an acknowledgement of visualization of the mail.

Through these web tracking devices, the sending server will be able to monitor your IP address, the time when the file has been opened, the location, the type of browser language you are using. Just as for server logs, but with the difference that your IP has been transmitted and confirmed by your mailbox.

Always consider the sender, before confirming to your webmail client whether
to activate the html content present in a mail. If you haven’t done it yet
We advise you to set your mail client so that the automatic rendering towards external clients could not be possible.

PolomusicTech does not use Web Beacons in its mail
for its own commercial marketing.

We invite you to look up in the following Links for your further knowledge
of the above listed contents:-

NAI. Network Advertising Iniziative.

The Privacy Statement posted on this site was updated on November 2017.