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Phonosync Italy
Soundtracks and Music for Audiovisual Media.

Phonosync has been created to meet the needs of all those working in the audiovisual sector.
We are a record music label focused primarily for Sountracks, commercial spot, music game
and in special mode, whenever your visions need the power of music, we are here to reach you.

Phonosync especially will work with sync-agencies well established in the multimedia sector.
But of course, We are proud to communicate directly with the authors of the works
film makers, music supervisors, executive producer... You are welcome to keep in touch directly with us.

Techincal side of Phonosync
On this site we'll make available download Audio @48khz/24bit PCM - Cinematic Standard.
Please feel free to send us a request for any audio format you need; 44khz/16bit, mp3, or flac
upsampling has no sense.
Audio editing, adapting the sound to the single frame, is a peculiar aspect of our work on all recordings
produced and distributed under the brand name Phonosync, here we have full editing control
on master recordings.
We are now working to extend our music library, thank you for your attention.
Phonosync 2017 - Label ISRC ITNK1.